Cards for coaching and therapy

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Im glad I can introduce you cards for coaching and therapy which I have created. 


Form of cards for coaching and therapy

The size of these cards is 8 x 12 cm, which is just right so that details could be seen and for ease in shuffling them. They are printed on rigid, 300-gram paper with double-sided lamination for enhanced resilience. They have a matte surface, and can be used under artificial light such as a lamp without distracting reflections. This surface also evokes a more comfortable atmosphere then a glossy one, which is more expressive. Each card has its number on the back. Numbers are selected at random, and may help to make records, where an expert working with them may ascribe the client's associations and projections to a certain card for multiple sessions and compare them over time.

On each card is my own picture made by encaustic method and - what is important - NO WORD!


There are some card for couching already but usualy with word  on card which makes connection in brain no matter if we want or not. In my cards there is no word, only abstract picture which brings you:

How does it sound?

I m working on translation of tips from 5 specialist who has tested the cards and wrote review - coaches, psychologist, lecteurs, project managers..

In case you are interested in these cards you can order them by email Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript..

You can receive the cards first and later pdf with tips. 

And a price?

26 Eur or 30 USD  + costs of sending (weight is up to 0,5 kg - 0,14 lbs)

 Sounds good, or? wink


 You can see pics of the cards, here.